Wednesday, July 7, 2010

365 Day Oscar Challenge

As I’ve spent my entire 24 years living in a highly litigious country, I guess I should begin this blog with a disclaimer. I am in no way, nor do I claim to be, an expert in the area of film making or movie critiquing. Sure I’ve always been a fan of movies and I took a film course in college, but claiming to be an expert based on these two things would be like claiming to be a doctor because I have a body and I took (and barely scrapped by) a biology course. Additionally, I’m not a connoisseur of the Academy Awards and their 80+ year history. I’ve watched the Oscars for as long as I can remember, in fact, it was always the highlight of my college spring breaks. While my peers were off in Florida falling out of windows I was at home with a bowl of popcorn and Joan Rivers (or in later years, unfortunately, Ryan Seacrest). But again, my loyal viewership every 365 days doesn’t make me in anyway an expert.

With the legalities out of the way, let me introduce you to the idea behind this project. Like I said above, I’ve always been interested in movies. Growing up in the middle of Michigan a typical Saturday night was spent at the movie theater with a jumbo bucket of popcorn. A few months ago during the 2010 Oscars, it dawned on me that despite my membership to Netflix and my loyal viewer card at the local movie theatre, I’ve seen few of the movies that have been given Hollywood’s highest honor. Mix my curiosity with my love of blogging and the 365 Oscar Project was born.

My goal is simple, between May 3rd 2010 and May 3rd 2011 I will watch every film that has ever won a Best Picture Academy Award. (I’m getting a bit of a late start thanks to graduate school.) If I’ve seen a movie before, and I have viewed a measly 24 winners, I will watch them again within the 365 day period. I won’t be watching them in any sort of order; I’ll view them when I can get my hands on them. I’ll blog about each film, and as a complete novice, I will give the common lady’s modern day opinion on each movie. I’ll also make note of Oscar trends. Which genera tends to be most successful at the Oscars and has that changed over time? How have movies evolved to fit modern day tastes? What do the winners have in common? Which films seem to be a surprise win? And perhaps most importantly, as a collective group, are these movies really even that good?

I hope you’ll join me down my path of Academy Award discovery and maybe we can both learn a little something about the coveted man named Oscar.

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